Welcome to Central Ohio University school of psychology.

Whether you are a first-year student, a master’s or doctoral student in one of our graduate programs, an undergraduate student transferring here from another institution, or a visiting, nondegree student, we’re pleased to have you as part of the University community.

Our University is noted for a long history of excellence in research, teaching, and service.  We are one of the finest psychology departments in the country providing extensive course offerings and research opportunities in several program areas. Faculty in the department work in diverse areas of human and animal cognition, emotion, and behavior and engage in many interdisciplinary research activities.

Planning for College.

Exploring your options and deciding what you want from a college will supply you with the information you need to make the right college choice. The timeline below is designed to help you plan

Grade 9

Timeframe What to Do
Year-round Study Hard! Now is the time to build up your grade point average by concentrating on your studies and take courses that will build a college-prep curriculum foundation. At Central Ohio University, we recommend that you take the following courses before graduation:

  • 4 units of college prep English
  • 3 units of science (at least two must be lab sciences)
  • 3 units of math (must include Algebra I and II and Geometry)
  • 3 units of social studies
  • 2 units of a foreign language (3 units required to earn an honors diploma)
  • 1 unit of visual or performing arts

 Grade 10

Timeframe What to Do
Year-round Keep up your grades. Stay involved in your high-school’s extra-curricular activities.

Grade 11

Timeframe What to Do
Explore your college choices! As you begin to visit colleges, you should think about the major you want to study. If you have no idea about what you want to study in college, don’t worry about it. Central Ohio University offers incoming students free individual counseling so that you can explore your options before you make a decision. 
March-August Take the ACT and SAT I. Most colleges will require you to take either the ACT or SAT tests in order to be considered for admission but these tests can also help you get scholarships or other types of recognition. Your high school Guidance Counselor can provide you with registration information for you to take the ACT and SAT tests. We recommend taking at least one test during the summer of your junior year. Taking these tests now will ensure that your scores will be available when you start applying to colleges in the fall of your senior year. If you are not satisfied with your score, you will have plenty of time to take the test again. Research scholarships. Begin researching scholarship opportunities in mid summer. You may want to check with the companies where you or your parents are employed. Look around your community and neighborhood such as your church, civic and charitable organizations. Central Ohio University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid provides information on Central Ohio University scholarships and the Federal Direct Student Loan Program. If you are interested in other sources of funding visit Fastweb.Visit college campuses. Now is the time to make a list of qualities you want in a college. Characteristics you may want to consider might include

  • Academic reputation
  • Admission requirements
  • Campus diversity
  • Location
  • Residence hall living
  • Tuition, financial aid and scholarships

Also, be sure to start visiting colleges during your junior year. To prepare for your campus visit you should

  • Call early to make an appointment. Visit on a weekday, if possible, for a more personal visit and to see the campus while classes are in session.
  • Allow at least three hours for a campus visit to include an information session or interview, a campus tour and a meeting with a faculty member in your area of academic interest.
  • Make sure you have good directions to the campus and allow adequate travel time.
  • Prepare a list of questions for the admissions staff and your tour guide.
  • Be on time.

Grade 12

Timeframe What to Do
August-November Consider applying for admission. Admission to Central Ohio University is granted to the best-qualified applicants as determined by a selective admissions policy. Admissions decisions are based on a number of criteria including your college prep curriculum, ACT or SAT I scores, overall high school GPA, positive grade trends, and optional essay. The freshman application deadline for fall admission is February 1. However, students are encouraged to send in their applications beginning in October of their senior year so they can be admitted in time to be considered for scholarships.
November-Februrary Research financial aid opportunitites. The responsibility of paying for your college education will rest mainly with you and your family, but there are many types of financial assistance for those who qualify. Make sure you meet all deadlines when applying for financial aid. You should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which allows you to be considered for various financial aid programs. The FAFSA is available via the internet or from your guidance counselor starting in December, and should be completed as soon as possible for priority consideration.

About Central Ohio University

A Brief History of the University

In 1786, 11 men gathered at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern in Boston to propose development of the area north of the Ohio River and west of the Allegheny Mountains known then as the Ohio Country. Led by Manasseh Cutler and Rufus Putnam, the Ohio Company petitioned Congress to take action on the proposed settlement. The eventual outcome was the enactment of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which provided for settlement and government of the territory and stated that.”…schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.” Several colleges were established during the following decades, including Ohio University in Athens Ohio and Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio.

The Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College was founded in 1870 and was originally situated within a farming community located on the northern edge of Columbus. The school was intended to matriculate students of various agricultural and mechanical disciplines but others were in favor of broadening the university’s focus to encompass the liberal arts and sciences. Under Governor Rutherford B. Hayes a new university board voted to offer higher education and welcomed it’s first class of twenty-four students. In 1878 the college permanently changed its name to the now-familiar “The Ohio State University.”

From these early roots sprang educators who branched out developing additional schools of education. Many started out as small theological schools, small community colleges, or small universities of higher education.

A small college was established in the early 1970s in Athens County  and later moved to Hocking County. Another small school was established in Columbus Ohio under the name of Central Ohio College and later merged with another small college specializing in academic training of counselors in Reality Therapy (developed by Dr. William Glasser). The school from Hocking County moved to Columbus Ohio where it merged with and took on the name of Central Ohio College which specialized as a school of academic psychology.

Yet another small college, Maryhaven Institute, was established in the 1990s specializing in the training of chemical dependency and substance abuse counseling. The school shut down after just a few short years and, with the aid of one of the institutes former teachers, graduates picked up the curriculum and revived the small college.

Central Ohio College, which specialized in training mental health counselors, and Maryhaven Institute, which specialized in training chemical dependency counselors, merged to become Central Ohio University.

The present day Central Ohio University is the result of the merger of Central Ohio College with Maryhaven Institute.

Today Central Ohio University offers a variety of academic choices to help you prepare for your future, but it is first and foremost a specialized school of psychology. The University is one of the few in the nation offering an extensive variety of psychology majors, certificate programs, and doctorates in Psychology.

Central Ohio University Online Application Forms
Central Ohio University strives to make our application for admission simple and easy to use. Just follow these steps to successfully complete the Central Ohio University online application process:

Step 1 – Read all Central Ohio University Application Information
It is very important that you read all instructions before completing the application form. While the application form is quite easy to complete, you should be acquainted these with application policies, guidelines and deadlines before you apply. Because your application for admission also serves as your application for scholarships, you’ll need to be familiar with our financial aid and scholarship information as well.

Please note that application instructions and forms differ for domestic (U.S.) and international applicants.

■Application Information for Domestic Freshman and Transfer Applicants
■Financial Aid and Scholarship Information for Domestic Applicants
■Application Information for International Applicants
■Major Codes list for International Applicants

Step 2 – Print the Counselor Information Form.
If you are applying for freshman admission, print the Counselor Information Form. Complete the form with your name and social security number and give it to your high school guidance counselor so that it can be included with your transcript information. If you are applying for transfer admission, the counselor form is not necessary; simply have your transcript(s) sent directly to us from each college or university you have attended.

■Counselor Information Form for Domestic Freshman Applicants

Step 3 – Send your scores.
If you are applying for freshman admission, be certain your test scores have been sent to our office.

Step 4 – Complete and submit the online application form.
Note that you will be asked to pay the $45 application fee before you can submit the application form.

  • Application for Freshman Undergraduate Admission (Domestic applicants)
  • Application for Transfer Undergraduate Admission (Domestic applicants)
  • Application for International



1. Click the appropriate application below.

2. Create a print copy and  fill out the form  (If you are also applying for a COU scholarship simply write in “Applying for COU Scholarship” anywhere in the space under Payment Information).                                                    

3.  Scan completed form to your PC.

4.  Attach the form to your email and send to the following address:



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